About Elizabeth

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Hypnotherapy can:


help you to stop smoking, lose weight, have relief from menopause symptoms, stop fears and phobias

overcome depression and trauma and assist parents with their young child's sleep and behaviour

Elizabeth is a retired general practitioner and an experienced hypnotherapist. Her interest in hypnotherapy began with her search in the 1990s for some way of helping smokers stop smoking. At various times, medication seemed the way to go, but inevitably the medications proved to be less effective than first promised. Hypnosis could do this job of helping people stop smoking, simply, easily and without medication.


In 2014, at her third, and most effective hypnotherapy training for smoking cessation, she had a light bulb moment – hypnotherapy really offered much more to patients than just stopping smoking. Hypnotherapy works precisely in many of the areas which were more difficult to truly change in patients within the realm of general practice. Habit change, weight control, study better, better sleep, less stress, and so on. And all of this without medication.


Since then, she has actively sought the best available training in a broad range of hypnotherapies and added these new trainings to her already long career experience in counselling within general practice.


She has seen wonderful changes in people as they do hypnotherapy. Wonderful change is within reach of everyone – it is only a decision and a phone call away.


Elizabeth offers a free half-hour discussion session to explore the possibility of hypnotherapy for you.