A fresh start and New years resolutions...

Happy New Year to each reader. This new year is so much of a mixture of optimism and hope, yet so guarded and thoughtful. We want to be carefree, but we know that it is not an option. In 2020 we chose to work together for the good of all – politicians included. Through that choice, and natural factors we can be grateful for our fortunate

position living without pandemic raging through our country and health systems buckling. Huge thank you to all of us. And a Huge Goodbye to the roller coaster that was 2020. It has been the most challenging year in Australia since the dark days of World War 2. Well done, us, in what seems to be a long saga of big change.


Did you (or someone you know) make a New Year’s resolution – and it is starting to look shaky? You could change the resolution from shaky to successful with a few sessions of hypnotherapy. Weight loss and habit changes especially. Ring me and check out how.


Like lots of services in 2020, I found how flexible and useful online services can be. I found that not just some, but all of the hypnotherapy I offer is possible and just as effective online as face-to-face. It is a boon where work hours, distance and access are an issue. You may know someone who could benefit.


As a newly accredited SleepTalk® consultant, I wanted to spread the word about it. I am offering a half-price deal to the first 5 parents who sign up for this wonderful programme to help their young child through these uncertain times. This service can be face-to-face or online. More information can be found on my website.


Appointments now available for February 2021.

Have a wonderful start to 2021.

Elizabeth Middlebrook


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