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We do need to congratulate ourselves – our whole community has worked together so well. We have indeed “Flattened the Curve”. At the time of writing it has become close to a straight line! Well done us! Things have changed. Somehow the life merry go round has been slowed down a lot. I notice my sense of time has changed with this. Each day is now like the gift of a day I had as a young child – a whole day to do and enjoy things. We now have time to ... think, breathe, contemplate, smell the roses... learn that thing I had always wanted to learn, clean out those areas that have become clogged up and pushed to the back for so long.

What do we need?


I am grateful for my neighbour, Alfie, who visits me every day and keeps my heart open. (Cat’s purring slows human’s heart rate!)



I am starting too long for a picnic in the bush, I am fantasising a barbecue in the Barrington's. Bush smells, clear and crisp air, birds, river gurgles. We are all doing so well with curve flattening, that might be possible soon......!

In the meantime, I’ll listen to a little snippet of bush sounds from Christmas 2018. You might enjoy it too. Here is the link ...

Bird song morning of Christmas Eve 2018
Download • 48.69MB


Truly a gift to help with mental and physical wellbeing. So worthwhile, it is as beneficial and important as exercise. Decide to seek it out, keep it in our day, whatever way that can be done. It is a resilience key.

Working online has become more comfortable. Clients results and outcomes are every bit as wonderful as the results achieved face to face. I am contemplating restarting Face to Face work in June, but will also continue to offer a significant number of booking opportunities to online clients.


Best Wishes and keep well

Elizabeth Middlebrook

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