2021 has been a tough year. We are uncertain what 2022 will bring. Many people find the festive season difficult, emotional, not the Season of Joy, and especially so with the pandemic backdrop. It may be bringing up troubling emotions, a lot of uncomfortable feelings and issues we thought were gone, buried, just to find they have emerged again in 2021.

It may be time to work on them – truly put them away. You can choose that.

My new area of working with the unconscious mind through regression, at times to the womb, is short, uncomplicated, and effective with the painful stuff of the past. Sessions for this regression work will be at a discounted rate for the rest of this summer, If there is someone you know who may benefit, pass on my details, ring me, make a booking.

As this year draws to a close, let us all take a moment, think of all the positive changes inside ourselves, that 2021 has brought. We got through 2021, well done us!

Give yourself a pat on the back for getting through, getting wiser, probably more thoughtful, kinder. Allow yourself to look forward to 2022 – we are battle hardened and know that we can choose a better year. We can choose! That is our nature, we can choose better despite or because of that damned virus!

Welcome 2022, ... growth and change, and we are on the way up!

Sessions in 2022 are being offered via Zoom or at my garden studio in Waratah, NSW.

Phone 0407 421 388, or email me on eamiddlebrook@outlook.com

Best Wishes

Elizabeth Middlebrook

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