Some Christmas cheer and a little news...

I have completed my SleepTalk® training and am now officially a consultant. SleepTalk® is a therapy taught children overcome challenging behaviours. It is safe, gentle and effective.


Next year I am planning to focus on Stress and Anxiety, and Self-care. Stay in touch – there may be something that will be just right for you.


Here is a little hypnotherapy Yuletide doggerel to bring you a smile. A friend of mine in the UK penned it for Christmas 2020:

“Twas the night before the big day

Nick was packing his sleigh

A bicycle for Joe

who had been quite low

A cooling fan for Jan

Who felt like a hot frying pan

For Sarah, who conquered her frights

A hamper full of delicious delights

A pair of skinny jeans for Pete

Who conquered his obsession for all things sweet

With a full sack

One thing left to pack

A sprinkle of love & cheer for all to hear




Time for the decorations, the fairy lights and cheer. I think this year is all about family, loved ones and caring for each other. I wish you and your loved ones an extra special Christmas this year, full of love and warm wishes.

I will be taking a long break over Christmas and January. Some downtime

Closed from 19th of December until 31st of January.

Stay well Elizabeth Middlebrook

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