One year in and new workshops...

A year of Pandemic - and who could have imagined the journey? We are fortunate to be exploring what is possible in the post-2020 world. Not the "new normal" - for nothing is "normal" about it yet. Each step in my opinion is special, and welcome, and sometimes precious. The sheer pleasure of live music was my recent post-2020 experience. Yours might be a football game, a play, a tennis tournament, a concert. Nothing is taken for granted anymore.


I am preparing a series of group sessions on a theme. The theme is Stress and Anxiety and looking at ways to control it, not be overwhelmed by it.


Inner Health Centre in Organic Feast,

10 - 12 William Street

East Maitland


Wednesday evenings from 5.30pm to 6.30pm

  • 28th April.

  • 5th May

  • 12th May

  • 19th May

Introductory cost: $100.

Limited places. Bookings essential

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